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The very end is so hard! LOL I have been rewriting chapter one of Sacrifice, but now I’m struggling with what the salient points were that I need to keep. Plus I realized that a couple little details were missed in other areas that would link to other versions of the story (from the TCR side of it), and that it may actually change the way one scene in particular goes. Le sigh. So… still plugging away.

I was hoping to publish on my birthday, which is next Tuesday, but I haven’t heard from my cover artist at all. Literally at all. So now I don’t know if anything will be done on time. I’m trying not to sweat it. It’s a self-imposed deadline, after all. But it seemed like a good benchmark. In any case, the manuscript will be done even if it can’t yet be published due to the cover or lack thereof.

I’m hoping, since I have to work my day job on my actual birthday, to go get my passport application put in the next day, so I can feel like an adult with freedom to travel over the border if ever I foolishly thought I could afford to. Ha! Luckily, you can update your health card at the same office, so I’m looking to get both done at once and save myself some aggravation.

That’s it for now. You can expect another update next week!


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Sacrifice Final Draft…

… is nearly done! It’s been a long slog through personal issues, and I haven’t had the best of luck with my beta readers. Promptness was not a thing, apparently. Anyhow. I had an in-depth discussion with one, and have been working on adding scenes, scouring my prose, re-working things… you know the dealio. And I’m falling in love all over again with Tash and Jhody. <3

I’m expecting to have this draft done this weekend, and off for another read. While that happens, I’ll investigate formatting with Scrivener since it’ll be my first time. Formatting my beta copy wasn’t so… successful. Much weirdness ensued with the resulting pdf, so clearly I need more guidance.

Also, I’m awaiting word from the artist who is doing the cover. I’d really like to have it posted to Kindle by the end of January. That would be exciting!

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First drafts, character sketches for Sacrifice

Hi there. Hunter here. I’ve been working hard to meet my goal: finish my first draft of Sacrifice by the end of the first quarter. Only a few scenes left, so I think I can make it! Just trying to decide how much of a cliff hanger to end on… Do you guys like cliff hangers? I have a love-hate thing with it. Like with horror, I love to be scared, if it’s done well. I hope this one makes people want to read the next book to see what happens.

This is the first book from the Lupercalia world that I’m writing entirely on my own. It’s had its ups and downs. The best thing being that I don’t have to wait on anyone else if I feel like writing on it, the worst thing being that there’s less back and forth with ideas, and no real surprises. Well, except the surprises that the characters throw at me while I’m writing. Those are fun. I didn’t know Tash at all when I started writing him. I had an inspiration photo, and the thought that he wanted to be a witch. And then he fell for Jhody, and that brought up all sorts of interesting topics to explore in relation to race, sexuality, and bias. Anyhow, it’s been a roller coaster, for sure. Getting to know them and their friends has been a lot of fun, and I hope my readers feel the same way.

Tash And Jhody from Sacrifice by Phrixy/Chelsey

Tash And Jhody from Sacrifice by Phrixy/Chelsey Peterson

I got my writing partner to do a couple sketches of the main characters, Tash and Jhody, so I thought I’d share them with you all. I love how they came out. Hats off to Chelsey Peterson for this. I had an earlier watercolour I did of Jhody, but he looked much younger and chubbier than this, and I really picture him as delicate-boned, more like this version.

Also, I got my Facebook page set up, if anyone would like to follow me there. You’ll get more updates and sneak peeks, I imagine.

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SPP, oh yeah!

So, I’ve been a reader of Johnny B. Truant from… well, right from the beginning. I love his tough love attitude, and his way of getting a point across. It was a natural for me to follow along when he started up the Self Publishing Podcast with Sean Platt and Dave Wright, since I’m so interested in writing and publishing our works by any means necessary. Boy, have I learned a lot!

Not only are these guys really entertaining, but we both have figured out more about how we want to present and manage our writing business than we ever could have on our own. I, for one, had never heard of or thought of presenting our stories in ‘seasons’ the way TV shows are done. Sure, I know about serialization, but more as a comic book style or old-timey thing in the era of the Pickwick Papers and such. Wow, I feel like so much is possible now, and so much control is ultimately available in publishing that never was before!

I really look forward to listening to the podcasts with my writing partner every week, and now–oh yes–the SPP boys have a new podcast about things that go bump in the night. I’m really excited to indulge in that, too. But I’m going to make you find that one by going to their main podcast site first, because they deserve the chance to impress you if you’re a writer of any kind looking to self-publish.

Thanks, guys! We are die-hard fans even if you think Stephen King’s endings suck. LOL

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