SPP, oh yeah!

So, I’ve been a reader of Johnny B. Truant from… well, right from the beginning. I love his tough love attitude, and his way of getting a point across. It was a natural for me to follow along when he started up the Self Publishing Podcast with Sean Platt and Dave Wright, since I’m so interested in writing and publishing our works by any means necessary. Boy, have I learned a lot!

Not only are these guys really entertaining, but we both have figured out more about how we want to present and manage our writing business than we ever could have on our own. I, for one, had never heard of or thought of presenting our stories in ‘seasons’ the way TV shows are done. Sure, I know about serialization, but more as a comic book style or old-timey thing in the era of the Pickwick Papers and such. Wow, I feel like so much is possible now, and so much control is ultimately available in publishing that never was before!

I really look forward to listening to the podcasts with my writing partner every week, and now–oh yes–the SPP boys have a new podcast about things that go bump in the night. I’m really excited to indulge in that, too. But I’m going to make you find that one by going to their main podcast site first, because they deserve the chance to impress you if you’re a writer of any kind looking to self-publish.

Thanks, guys! We are die-hard fans even if you think Stephen King’s endings suck. LOL

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