Sacrifice Final Draft…

… is nearly done! It’s been a long slog through personal issues, and I haven’t had the best of luck with my beta readers. Promptness was not a thing, apparently. Anyhow. I had an in-depth discussion with one, and have been working on adding scenes, scouring my prose, re-working things… you know the dealio. And I’m falling in love all over again with Tash and Jhody. <3

I’m expecting to have this draft done this weekend, and off for another read. While that happens, I’ll investigate formatting with Scrivener since it’ll be my first time. Formatting my beta copy wasn’t so… successful. Much weirdness ensued with the resulting pdf, so clearly I need more guidance.

Also, I’m awaiting word from the artist who is doing the cover. I’d really like to have it posted to Kindle by the end of January. That would be exciting!

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