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The very end is so hard! LOL I have been rewriting chapter one of Sacrifice, but now I’m struggling with what the salient points were that I need to keep. Plus I realized that a couple little details were missed in other areas that would link to other versions of the story (from the TCR side of it), and that it may actually change the way one scene in particular goes. Le sigh. So… still plugging away.

I was hoping to publish on my birthday, which is next Tuesday, but I haven’t heard from my cover artist at all. Literally at all. So now I don’t know if anything will be done on time. I’m trying not to sweat it. It’s a self-imposed deadline, after all. But it seemed like a good benchmark. In any case, the manuscript will be done even if it can’t yet be published due to the cover or lack thereof.

I’m hoping, since I have to work my day job on my actual birthday, to go get my passport application put in the next day, so I can feel like an adult with freedom to travel over the border if ever I foolishly thought I could afford to. Ha! Luckily, you can update your health card at the same office, so I’m looking to get both done at once and save myself some aggravation.

That’s it for now. You can expect another update next week!


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